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Always with you.

Command-C uses the latest iOS technologies to receive clipboards wirelessly in background without having to double tap home button and move between app, you can just use the system-wide Paste command. It’s always ready to Copy & Paste any text or images from you Mac or from other iOS device.


Works with any app.

Command-C works with any app, no matter what. If you’re surfing the web using Safari or Chrome, if you’re typing your next great article on Pages, if you’re replying to the last email from your boss, there’s a lot of situation where Command-C will help you to get things done better and faster.

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Command-C for Mac

Powerful but yet simple.

Even if there’s so much under the wood, Command-C is really easy to use. It will sit on the menu bar of your Mac, when you want to send you clipboard just choose the device and hit return. In a few moments, you will ear a Pop sound and your clipboard has already been successfully shared. Just paste on iOS and you’re done, whatever app you’re using, absolutely no waste of time.


Designed for beauty

Every pixel of Command-C is specifically designed for iOS 7. Its beauty comes from simplicity, let you being focused on the content. Every gesture, every animation is only made to improve the user experience, it let the user sense what is doing, it’s a kind of feedback but more engaging and fun.


Animates your life.

Apple introduced with iOS 7 a new way to improve the user experience by adding a lot of new awesome animations. Command-C is built with tons of new animation to let the user feel the app reacting to user choices.

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Nobody will spy your clipboard, really.

Every clipboard will be securely sent using only your Wi-FI local connection, nothing of your clipboard will be sent to anyone other than your device. You can easily use to transfer password or anything you want without having to worry about your privacy.


Made for people, built for geeks.

Command-C is made for everyone, but you can extend its functionalities using bookmarklets and URL schemes. It supports x-callback-url to automate your workflow on iOS devices, and it has also a basic Applescript support ( more options will be able in the next major update ).